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Bodies of Thought

Bodies of Thought / WebGL Exhibition

Bodies of Thought


In this exhibition, I interactively share digitalized version of sculpture series from "Headless" (2019).

Online exhibition have been designed in two and three-dimensional virtual space, where visitors can interact with the artworks by navigating.

"What are the effects of technology on structure of our brains, perception patterns of reality ?

"How can we interact in virtual space in a different perspectives?" I mostly question these in this exhibition.

Could our “consciousness” be the "center of virtuality"?

To what extend we will be able to create new realities for ourselves in the connected matrix?

Is the Internet, capturing our bodies by taking over our consciousness? Or/and, meanwhile, is the human being opening the doors of a new life form by combining neuron networks in the brain with virtual networks?

Aşan Akın, Sculpturist

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