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Sculptor, born in 1978 in Istanbul, graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, Istanbul.


Performing both classical sculpture and computer-aided design works, the artist produced figurative works in public spaces for a long time, while continuing his digital works. His interest in computers has enabled him to produce work with the possibilities of constantly updated and developing technology. By using these opportunities in his projects and exhibition processes, he has made an effective solution and contribution in terms of project design and production with many artists. The artist, who carries out his works as independent series, continues to work in his workshop in Istanbul.

The main factors determining my approach to art and sculpture and the general framework of my ideas can be summarized with the following headings


_ 3D thinking

_ To deal with the plastic values of sculpture, figurative and sculpture in the classical sense.

Structures created with mathematical functions and algorithms.

Especially, Modern art, trends, new ideas

_ Freeing the mind through art, improvisations with form

_ Understanding the current spirit of the world, of the times

_3d modeling tools

_ Reality-virtuality relationship, our life changing with computers. Computer development.

_ To care about thought, philosophy, to make sense

Not to find, seek

_ To search for the source of artistic creativity.

If our mind is the result of the factors that determine it, how can we get out of all these influences?

Or is creativity an act of hybridization that is constantly being tried?

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